Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I swiped some hotdogs from a BBQ some people were having. They never even saw me walk away. People are so blind... I feel sorry for them sometimes, but things will get better for them eventually. So I just have to be patient.

Sarah and I had a picnic inside a pine tree on the soft needles, a cave of bare and green branches around us, hiding us from view. When we saw her brother walking past, we threw pine cones at him, but he never saw us and ran away crying. Sarah had both hands over her mouth to smother her laughter. We went to find find some water to clean the sap off Sarah's clothes and found a beehive. The bees were easy to charm, and I got us both some honeycomb to chew on, which made Sarah stickier, but there was a stream nearby.

Unfortunately when we got to the stream, Sarah fell in and added mud to the sap and honey. There was no cleaning that off, so we went back to the campgrounds where her family was packing up to leave. :( I didn't know they were leaving today. Apparently her brother was looking for her when we beaned him with the pinecones.

I feel bad that I got her in trouble with her parents. Her mother wrestled her bag back out of their car and dragged Sarah into the cabin to wash her off.

But I guess it's better that she goes. She's not one of us and I don't want to see her get hurt because of me.


  1. It looks like I wont get to visit you. I'm sorry about that.

  2. Oh... OK @.@ I saw on Morningstar's blog that you'd been given some new mission, but I still hoped you'd be able to stop by a little. Maybe some other time :(

  3. No that's not the reason I won't be able to visit you. I'm sorry to have deceived you. I hope we don't run into each other. I wouldn't to have to fight you or Liger. You're probably very upset that I lied to you if you hate me I'll understand.

  4. I kind of had my suspicions when you asked about the Path, but I thought maybe you were testing me.

    I don't hate you at all, and I still look forward to meeting you some day. And not for any reason other than I want to meet you. :3 So stay safe.