Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The campgrounds are nice. There are cabins and places for tents and RV hookups, which is where we are. Least we're in some "mountains," though they don't seem much like mountains to me after moving around in the Appalachia for so long. I'm glad at least for the trees. I'd heard Oklahoma was all grasslands.

There are some siblings here, but also some humans, which means I can't wear my mask. I feel naked without it. We could take care of them, one way or another, but this is a public place. So chances are, more humans would move in once it looked to the admin as if they'd gone. Just really not worth the effort when we'll be moving on in a few weeks.

I could hollow them. That doesn't really take a lot of skill. But they'd just be a bunch of drooling bodies, sitting around in the Oklahoma heat. I'm not practiced enough to be able to fill them up with something else, and I haven't got permission either. Just because Inquisitor isn't around doesn't mean I can't still get in trouble.

There are some other kids here. The eldest girl is a snob and only talks on her cell phone about how bored she is and how hot it is and how she misses whoever she's talking to soooooooooooooo much. It is to gag. :P I almost want to kill her cell phone battery so she SHUTS UP. But I am being good and not calling attention to us with any "unexplainable phenomena." Her brother likes to poke things with a stick and climb trees and thinks girls are "dumb." So he's pretty boring, too.

Their little sister is nice though. They don't have much use for her, being only ten to their eleven and fourteen. And their parents ignore all three and just sit and drink and fish or play poker with some of the other people in the cabins. They remind me of my parents, never noticing ANYTHING. Sarah, the little one, has been following me around the campgrounds since I'm the only one who pays her any attention. I've been showing her how to weave grass and what plants are good to eat and what animal prints go with which animals... nothing too weird.

I want to ask Liger if I can keep her. :3

But I'm pretty sure he'd say no :(

So I won't ask until right before we're ready to leave here. Otherwise he'd probably make me stop playing with her as soon as I asked, and I hardly ever have anyone close to my own age to play with.


  1. You do you know what Father does with children her age right? He either eats them, or turns them into something like me. It would probably be better for her if you didn't involve her. I understand that it can be lonely not having anyone to play with. Hmm maybe after I'm done working with Morningstars group I'll come, and visit with you.

  2. Well... well, I wouldn't mind if she was like you. You're nice. But I see your point. :(

    I would like it very much if you came for a visit though!

  3. Well then after my business is done here I'll ask Father for permission to visit you. Is your location accessible via The Path or do I have to use more analog means of travel?

  4. Yes, though Oklahoma is not that far from Texas if you'd like to take the scenic route. Will Morningstar be coming too? I know you said he's not so bad, but he seems to have such a temper... and Liger has a temper, and I'd hate for them to not like each other.

  5. No I'll leave Morningstar to do his own thing. Hey Tiger do you know someone in our family called Andromeda?

  6. No, sorry. I mean I recognize the name, but that could just be because I was a huge mythology nerd in school. If I've ever heard of this Andromeda, it was only in passing.

  7. That's okay I was able to find her.