Sunday, July 10, 2011

HiHi! :)

Sorry it has been a week since I last posted! We broke camp and moved three states away. We broke up into smaller groups too, and me and Liger and a few others are in RVs now and not making do with tents and lean tos (and I do LOVE being able to take a shower once in a while). We move around a lot, just to be safe. And Inquisitor isn't with our group! :D  Not right now anyway. We meet back up with him in a month somewhere out west. D:

I heard some people talking though. Apparently the Assassin has appeared after decades of silence. He commented on his Acolyte's (SP?) blog, only I'm not stupid enough to link to the post (since it seems the Acolyte recently discovered the novelty of trackbacks, a-der!). I did follow him anonymously though, and the Assassin's blog too, though there's nothing on it. The Acolyte's name is Dodgy, which is a stupid name. I mean like I have room to talk, but anyway. How can anyone willingly follow the Assassin? He serves the gods who bound us and crippled us and stole the power that was rightfully ours! I can hardly wait the year and a half until we get our chance to put the Igigi in their place and take back this plane for our own. I want to be a real cat then, with claws and teeth and no one will ever hurt me again. Not unless they want to get their face ripped off.  =^*^=

Liger was mad when he found out I knew about the Acolyte. He wanted to know who told me. Apparently it was a secret? He was still angry when I told him I'd just overheard some siblings talking, but it's not like anyone specifically said, hey Ty, we're moving because some body-stealing idiot named Dodgy might be sent to wipe us out. Side note... having read his most recent post, I think Dodgy might be Hispanic this time around. Just guessing on the Speedy Gonzales references.

I had to promise Liger that if it ever happens that the Acolyte comes around, or the Assassin for that matter, I'm to run. I AM learning to fight whenever anyone has the time to show me anything, but Liger says I'm too valuable for my skills to get myself killed trying to fight someone like this dimwit Dodgy or his master. Well... I don't feel valuable, whatever Liger says. Most of the time I feel useless. Most of the time, everyone else thinks I'm useless too, I think, or at least they get annoyed when I ask questions or ask to be shown something. Most of the time I think I'm just important to Liger, and everyone is too scared of him not to humor him. Maybe Liger was my father in another life, so he's paranoid I might get hurt? I'd just be reborn like everyone else if I did die though, and sure it would take time for him to find me again, but it's not like I'd be erased forever.

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