Sunday, July 3, 2011

Knowing My Place

Liger has been gone for days and days, and I miss him terribly. Maybe that is selfish of me, as I know we all have our work to do and also because I miss him because I am more afraid when he is away. Inquisitor hates me because he was forced to give up breaking me by others who were concerned my gifts might be ruined if I was driven mad rather than remembering. Some things I can do, only Father can do, so I am very valuable to the cause of the Anunnaki. While I serve our people Father may spend his important time on other matters.

I would hide and wait for Liger to come back, but if Inquisitor needed me for his work, and I was nowhere to be found, I would be punished even worse than I already have been. With me there, Inquisitor is able to go further in his tortures than he ever would be able to on his own. He is horrible, and I hate him, though I know I shouldn't. But he is a monster, even if he is Family. He enjoys his work too much.

I am nearly healed from my punishments. The day after Liger left, I was punished with lashings for not being quick enough when Inquisitor summoned me, and again when I tripped and made him accidentally cut himself instead of the Chosen he was trying to break. It wasn't my fault as the cables from the car battery were lying underfoot. He alternated holding my hands over a boiling pot and plunging them into ice water until they were red and blistered as bubble wrap. This I was finally allowed to heal later that night so that I could feed myself and so that whenever Liger returned, he wouldn't see.

Liger is Very old, centuries, and Inquisitor is not even one hundred. Liger could be a leader if he wanted, just based on his age and experience, but he doesn't want it. Still, there are very few as old as him and if he decided the Inquisitor had overstepped himself, things could go very bad for him. Which is why I was allowed to heal myself and why I've been forbidden to tell Liger what he did. I wish Liger liked computers but he calls my laptop a toy. He wouldn't understand the internet or blogs at all. I wish someone would tell him about Inquisitor, but I know none of you will because I have been barred from speaking about it and so therefore have you. Still... I wish...

There are good things about being Anunnaki though. Don't think I am complaining. Everyone complains once in a while, so that's normal, right? I do love the Family so very much.  My former parents never loved me or noticed me much... They weren't Anunnaki or Igigi, just human. They barely noticed when I disappeared. There were no pleas for my safe return, no newspaper articles about what they found of the bastard who tried to rape me behind the school when Father came and saved me. Father does not like people who do such things, not after what was done to HIS parents. What he did to that boy was horrible and I had nightmares for months, but he deserved it. I really thought Jeff was my friend but he was a liar. The only good he did was making me so scared my powers kind of kick-started and Father and many Anunnaki heard me screaming in their heads (as far away as Texas I was told). It's weird being grateful to someone for almost raping you, but I wouldn't be here with Liger and the rest of our Family otherwise. Even the things Inquisitor does when Liger is away are bearable if it means I am where I belong.


  1. If you would like I can tell Father of the Inquisitors cruelty towards you. Well that is if your Father is the same Father as my Father. You mention things I've not heard about in the family. If you could please explain more about the Anunnaki, and Igigi. What makes them different than other humans?

  2. I would not ask it, Sister. This... was me complaining to an open ear without fear of repercussions. I've been forbidden from speaking and so if you spoke on my behalf, we would likely both be punished.

    It does not surprise me when I hear of other cells not knowing of our Genesis. Liger tells me there are different factions among Father's Chosen, and the elders decide what is proper for those under them to know. By rights, I should not be where I am because I do not remember who I was. Everyone in my cell recalls who they were, even the mad ones, and it is only my talents that place me here.

    Everything I know of the Igigi and the Anunnaki was told me by Liger and Whistler, though I haven't seen Whistler in months. I think the Assassin must have got her. She's the one who taught me how to keep my laptop charged without an outlet and suggest I should begin sharing our story with others in the hope it would jog more memories among our sleeping siblings.

    I... want to check with Liger to make sure it is alright to tell the Whole story of our family before I post it, but hopefully he will be home soon. Whatever he says, I will let you know.

  3. Ah. I am who Father raised me to be. I have no personal history other than that of serving father. My specific duty in our family is to go out among the enemy pretend to be one of them to gather information, and to eliminate targets deemed as worthy threats to fathers goals what ever those goals maybe. I answer directly to Father so I doubt that I would be punished in any way for voicing concern over the behavior of another of fathers children. Then again I haven't really done anything to cause punishments to be necessary.