Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cookies and a Story

Liger's mask :) Isn't it pretty?
Liger's home! 

He brought me sparklers and Oreos! I shared the cookies with anyone who said they'd like some. Inquisitor did not want any, and I didn't expect that he would, but it would have been rude not to ask. He just stared at me like I was an idiot. As if to say, you know I hate you, why would you offer me cookies? Well, I don't care. He's mean, and I'm not. If he doesn't want any cookies, the more for me and everyone else. I'm not going to be mean just because he is. Then he'd win.

I put the sparklers away. Maybe when Inquisitor goes away the next time, I'll bring them out and play and share with anyone else who wants to play. There's no sense aggravating him by being "a silly little girl without the sense to keep quiet and out of sight unless she's wanted" as I heard one of Inquisitor's "friends" say to his buddy. Inquisitor doesn't have any friends. He just has people who kiss his ass in order to get favors and I won't. I refuse.

X, I asked Liger if it was okay to write about the Igigi, the Anunnaki, and humans. He said I couldn't tell the whole story yet. :( He says it's not time yet, and the Assassin might step up his game if he realized how much we knew, but I can say what the difference is at least!

In the beginning, there were the Igigi who had no bodies and were from a place where only spirits lived. One day the weakest of the Igigi discovered Earth and being curious, got stuck in the material world like quicksand and couldn't be taken back out again. So some powerful elder Igigi came to earth because they decided the little ones needed to be cared for since they couldn't be freed. 

Before they came to Earth, the Igigi created children by "budding." (I'm guessing like cellular fission or like micro-organisms.) But when the guardian Igigi came and created bodies for themselves, they paired up and gave birth to the Anunnaki, the gods of the earth, and Father was the first! 

Everything has an Igigi soul, even rocks, but these are usually of the weakest kind of Igigi, and they barely know that they are even a rock. The Igigi try to keep any more spirits from coming to Earth, except if they are exiled for whatever reason, which Liger says still happens sometimes. So that means that souls are constantly reborn, though they mostly forget their previous lives. So when I mention humans, they're technically Igigi (or even Anunnaki) but they probably don't know it unless they were around when Father was born or they're our enemies like the Assassin.

My mask... not as pretty :(


  1. Ah. So Igigi is the as same or similar to the soul.
    I take it Anunnaki are especially strong Igigi that have mortal bodies then? Or are they the exiles? Either way that is enough information to satisfy my curiosity for now.

    Sadly there are a lot like the inquisitor in our family. I try my best not to associate with them.

  2. Similar, I guess. Anunnaki are... the children of the Igigi? We were born into bodies so the Igigi who hate us say we're polluted and that's how they justified all the horrible things they did to us. And... that's why some Anunnaki justify being horrible back.

    Yes... your friend Morningstar reminds me a bit of Inquisitor, except he seems to have a sense of humor at least.

  3. Morningstar isn't nearly as bad as the Inquisitor sounds. While Morningstar might be cruel towards our enemies he is quite kind to those in the family as long as they don't betray Fathers trust.

  4. Well, I will believe you on that and welcome him should we ever meet. I've read some of his exploits, and he does take his loyalty to siblings very seriously. It would have been nice if he could have brought that "Mitch" person to our side though. I think loyalty is a quality they share, though she was obviously loyal to the wrong side.

  5. I like your mask. I think it's very cute