Friday, July 29, 2011

New digs

We are in an apartment complex now... I don't know who lived here before we came, but everyone who is staying here now is part of the Family. I'm not sure if the owner of the building is one of us. Maybe, but probably not.

All the apartments are furnished. It's nice to have a bed, though I'm pretty sure it was a boy's room before it was mine. There was some... "stuff" under the mattress. 'Nuff said. I haven't touched anything aside from sleeping in the bed, though I'd love to take down some of the posters. Whenever we end up leaving this place, it's best not to leave a mark or have to waste time putting them back up again. :/

Oh, and we have air conditioning! And we can leave the curtains down, since it's summer and it's not suspicious at all. Who doesn't want to keep the heat out? And then we can leave our masks on because anyone who wants to come into the building has to be buzzed in or has a key so no one will see us. :3

Inquisitor has set up his "offices" in the basement. The storage area for each of the apartments is convenient for keeping prisoners, even though there's only two down there right now. I have been trying VERY hard to be obedient and careful, considering the epiphany I had at the campsite. I think he's noticed. It was very hard this morning... because we had to work on a twelve year old boy, but I did everything as I was instructed. At least Inquisitor has yelled at me less and hasn't had to punish me at all.

The other prisoner just sits at the back of his cage and doesn't move. He was there before Liger and I arrived. So maybe Inquisitor had time to work on him before I got there. I'd think he was dead since he's always in the same position, but I can see he has an aura of sorts, even if it looks like crap. So I know he's still alive. Inquisitor hasn't asked me to heal him either, so I don't know what's going on with him. Creepy guy though. I felt like he was watching me every time I passed by. Inquisitor would probably have laughed if he'd noticed, but he was busy putting away his tools. He's very tidy.

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