Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cat's out of the bag

Sorry for the radio silence... been very busy and, well, I haven't much time to post even now, but I figured I could update you with at least this little bit.

Liger is in a lot of trouble.

He came down to the cellar while I was resting and tried to kill Dodgy.

Dodgy is hardly any worse for it, but Liger refuses to talk, even to me. I don't know why he did it, except he must know Dodgy from another life. That's no excuse though. Someone as "high profile" as Dodgy, only Father should be permitted to end his life.

The fact that Liger found out Dodgy was here while he was out and came home directly to kill him means that news of his capture has officially made the rounds. No one is coming to take him to a better Interrogator than me because anyone could try to kill him now, in transit or upon arrival... all the people who he's hurt, who've lost loved ones because of him or his master... Apparently everyone's decided keeping here is just the most expedient thing.

Now I have to sleep in the cellar, in the cage next to him, just to make sure no one uses the Path to skate in and off him while no one's watching.

Until Father comes for him (soon I hope!), I'm a glorified babysitter! :(

I hope he's not too angry with Liger.


  1. Haha well sounds like you get to do what every fourteen year old girl dreams of!

    .....Or is that just a stereotypical cliche...


  2. ... babysitting?

    ... or torturing people on a daily basis. Because if the latter, you're welcome to visit, little sister. We can exchange some techniques and work Dodgy over double time. We'll see if we can wipe that smirk off his face.

  3. Well Liger didn't succeed, so hopefully that will count for something with Ritter...
    Though I know from personal experience that he doesn't take to kindly to having his plans messed with...

    Also, what you're doing doesn't sound like babysitting to me... Sounds like serious/dangerous guard duty

  4. Let's hope so Wolfie... I mean, he's been annoying lately, but that doesn't mean I want him gone-gone. The fact that Father hasn't shown up yet has to mean something, right?

    I don't really feel like I'm accomplishing much. I mean, most of the time Dodgy just laughs at me, and other times he just stares, like right now while I'm typing this. I think he wants to blog or something.

  5. He's just trying to annoy you and may be dealing with some of the old compulsion to write himself...

    It may not seem like much right now while it's quiet but don't forget how dangerous he can be... and don't forget how dangerous some of the siblings can be in trying to get at him
    What you're doing is very important, just be patient

  6. I'm being patient, but Father better get here soon, or there's going to be less of Dodgy for him to gobble up is all I'm saying.