Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early morning visitation

Liger's home... and a little put out by our guest. I can't tell how he feels about my "promotion." I don't think he cares much that Inquisitor is gone, but having Melissa in our apartment is making him irritable. Oh well, I'm not putting her back downstairs. She's not trying to remove her mask, and mostly she's just sleeping while her body heals. Besides, having her there means if he planned to approach me about his *feelings,* she's cramping his style.

Good. I've decided I'm a little angry with him over the whole thing. Pedo much, big brother? I mean, he's never done anything inappropriate, but he pretty much took me out of the cage so he could make a pass at me four years later? No, that's creepy. I don't care if he knew me in another life. I don't have those feelings for him. He should have given me over to Whistler and kept his distance. Then I wouldn't feel like he's been watching and waiting and creeping on me all this time. Eeeew

Liger came on the heels of Father, who paid us a visit early this morning. News of Inquisitor's poor career choice traveled fast, I guess. Father wasn't exactly gentle in getting everyone's understanding of events. Lots of headaches... I've been offering to fix them, but only about half of my siblings have taken me up on it. They're so stubborn. What more do I have to do to convince them that I'm loyal? Father could have killed me if he held me accountable for Inquisitor at all, or taken me to another Interrogator to be broken properly, as I should have been when I first arrived. He did neither. He left everyone in the roles Mercury had given out and left. To find Inquisitor or assign someone else the task, I don't know. But if Father doesn't have a problem with me, why should any one else?

Melissa was in bad shape after Father's visit. She's new enough that his presence is still... very stressful, and having to relive the darkling attack only made things worse. I had to slip in and turn off her fine motor skills as he reviewed the attack so she wouldn't start clawing at herself and reopen her wounds. I think that surprised him. :3 I think he was pleased. o///O

Jet's been hanging around too, which I think is making Liger jealous. I think Jet just wants to be my apprentice even though he's a hunter now. (He chose the name Jet because he's a fast runner.) Liger has stared him down on the few occasions he's come by. I think I'll talk to Mercury about it. Maybe he can send Liger back out where he can work off some of this nervous energy before he hurts someone.


  1. Good job on taking care of Melissa and assisting Ritter.

    As for Liger... I think your idea of talking to Mercury is good but maybe you should talk to Liger too?

    Might make things a little less awkward if it's out in the open.

  2. I should clarify what I'm saying... You might be able to get him to back off if you talk to him. But I completely understand being angry and creeped out. I'm not even there and it's making me uncomfortable

  3. Do not worry, Sister. It will work out in time.

  4. I'm staying out of the love business. I'm awkward enough without those kinds of things on my mind.

    Nice to see you're becoming more independent in your opinions and decisions.

    Not so nice to see Kittykins, being creepy and torturing Melissa. Keep an eye one her, and don't let anyone bug her.

  5. Wolfie... I'm not comfortable talking to Liger about this. It's his fault I'm not comfortable. And maybe this is a bit of immaturity on my part, but I don't WANT to talk to him about this. I want it to have never happened, but fat chance on that. >:| At this point, if I was friendly with any of my sisters, I'd ask to be moved.

    Saint- I can only hope. Boys are lucky. They don't have to worry about this kind of thing. Sometimes I wish I was a boy. That'd change Liger's tune (I hope). :<

    Jade- He wasn't torturing her. He just needed to review what happened and make his decision. I still only know what happened after I found her. He looked at what actually happened as it happened, so that was uncomfortable for her. She's not used to anyone else in her head, and her mind reacted not as a memory, but as the same event playing out just as it already had. This is one of the reasons we tie people down when we interrogate them. Relived memories can be dangerous.

  6. It still hurt her, and that aggravates me.

  7. It wasn't his intention to hurt. That's just the way it works out. We're flawed creatures, designed that way. If we were what we had been, remembering the event in every detail wouldn't have hurt her at all.