Saturday, October 1, 2011

In the dungeon

He just stares at me. Dodgy, that is. I mean, when I'm torturing him or about to, he's all jokes and flirting, but when I'm sitting here on the cold cement floor, typing away... he just stares at me. It's annoying. Does he want to blog? Well, he can't because all his fingers are broken. Ha!

I feel bad for Heri and Seraphina. I can't spend as much time with them because I can't leave Dodgy. Someone might come and kill him while I'm working down the hall; so I have to work on each one where the others can see. That's not fair to them. Our sessions should be private... like doctor patient privileges.

At least most of what I'm doing with Heri now is in his head, so less potential embarrassment for him. Seraphina is confused by our stillness though. She begs me to stop when I torture her, telling me she'll be good. She's got the wrong idea, either from trying to escape and being punished or watching me and Heri. Dodgy watches too, and I resent him for it. He doesn't belong here. He's not one of us.

Except, I don't know... I really want to explain everything to him. I want to plead our case, make him understand that his "master" is a MONSTER. It's wrong but... Dodgy makes me feel shy and self-conscious. Maybe it's all that over the top flirting. If he was actually in a male body right now, I'd be tempted to geld him (thank-you Wolfie for putting the thought into my head heh). He told me he liked my mask earlier, and I just about dropped my scalpel. That's not professional.

Why can't he just scream and beg like a normal person?


  1. Hehe, glad to be giving you ideas.. perhaps you could still threaten him with similar tactics?

  2. I could, but I don't know how much good that would do. I mean, he's already a guy in a girl's body. He might already feel like a gelding, even if we both know I could make him suffer loads more with "what he has left."

    I think I'm more worried about the dirty jokes he would probably start telling me. :/ The guy never shuts up, least when I'm working on him. Right now he's so quiet I wanna stab him in the leg just to make sure he's still breathing.

  3. well maybe you could cut him a little?

    Nothing serious, just a shallow cut to make sure he's still in there....

    I'm not sure of his connection and capabilities when it comes to contacting Thuggee, so you might want to do that just to be on the safe side... Though perhaps you would "hear" it if he was trying to make that kind of link

  4. Hmm, that's a thought, though I think Mercury would hear if "E.T. tried to phone home." heh

    Bleh. I just poked him in the shoulder, and he asked if I was bored. I think I'm going to carve woodland scenes in the soles of his feet a while.

  5. Heh... sounds like a good idea... Do you think you could carve a little wolf in there somewhere for me?

  6. Of course! And some bunnies for you to chase and some deer and a squirrel. Dodgy has surprisingly big feet for a girl, though I may have to branch out... if the trees get to big. I got lots of leg to work with too.