Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So they brought me a trolley. You know, one of those tall hand carts like you'd strap a fridge into. And we tied Dodgy into it with crisscrossing ropes (so he can't get any leverage). He's down to his underwear and bra, which for some reason made me blush though I'm not gay and I've seen men and women both more nekkid than that. Glad my mask hid my blushing, or I'm sure he would have harassed me about it.

Man, does he like to talk, but I think some of it's nerves. (Did not appreciate the comments about my hair :P ) I haven't spoken to him at all. Not one syllable. I've told everyone else to be entirely silent around him too, which is fine. Given Delphi's burgeoning (lol big word! Thank you spellcheck) talents, all we have to do is think, and she can relay dropped thoughts. Jet's got the weakest mental voice, so she mostly relays my thoughts to him and vice versa.

We're still hand feeding Dodgy, but now that he's recovered some, I don't have to be sharing my energy with him too, and I can sleep! Like any of Father's children, I can go days without sleeping, but it helps if I'm not also on a 36-hour healing kick. Had Delphi feeding him at first, but then Jet stepped in when Dodgy made her cry with comments about her scars and blank mask. She hasn't been with us long enough to see them as a badge of honor. Now she's in our room, drawing pictures of masks until she decides on a design she likes.

Guess if we won't talk to him, he's going to pick at us. When Jet took over feeding him, he started digging at him about his mask, which is completely black. I think it's meant to be a play on his name, but I've never asked him.

Heri, as I've been calling the revived Egyptian priest, and Seraphina have both been watching from their cages as we take care of the new prisoner. I guess there's not much entertainment for them otherwise. Heri has taken to calling me Sekhmet-netjeri. I think he's pretty close to a second breakthrough, but we'll see. Least he's not calling me a demon or an evil magician any more.

I told Seraphina if she tries to get away again, she's going to be strapped to a handcart too. She hasn't in a while though. I broke her first two fingers days ago. She can still use utensils to feed herself with her thumb and remaining fingers. I just figured Dodgy was probably more practiced, so I broke all his fingers. Hopefully he can't use his toes or something.

Torture sessions start tomorrow on what is technically day three, since Candle brought Dodgy to us Sunday night. I doubt I'll get anything out of him, but it's not like I'm asking any questions. The torture is just a distraction so I can get into his head. Hopefully he won't notice, at least not at first. I don't care if he notices later since once I'm in, there's not much he'll be able to do to keep me out. Though obviously the longer I can rummage around without him noticing, the better.


  1. I hope Delphi can find a suitable design... not that there was anything wrong with having a blank mask... Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one to think of the mask as a badge of honor

    Sekhmet-netjeri... Well, that's a little closer to the mark at least hehe

  2. :3 I can't wait until I can choose my own shape. Sekhmet will look like a total wuss next to me. hehe

    Dodgy just made Dephi self-conscious about it. She thinks if she has a cool mask, it will distract from her scars. That's what she can't handle. Too bad, because I know lots of siblings who would think her scars are "totally hardcore." lol The more scars you have in the this family, the "sexier" you are. If Jet wasn't constantly shadowing her, I bet Delphi would have lots of boys after her already. Well, every culture has it's own ideas of beauty. :3

  3. Damn right! Scars are beautiful. They show that one had the strength to carry on through an ordeal. She should be proud.

    Even the ones I've given to myself in the past are important to me because they were part of the transition into who I am now.

  4. I know. I know people who do ritual scarification and branding too. We may not be able to control what body our soul inhabits, but there's no reason we shouldn't be able to modify it. It's literally the only thing we own for life. Someday we'll be able to modify it even more than simple human tools allow. :)