Monday, September 26, 2011


Thank you so much for your efforts, brother! If you'd said what a fuss Dodgy put up when you caught him, er her, I would have healed you before you left. Well, feel free to come back with Kobold if you like, and I will heal you both of your injuries and take that boy off your hands if need be.

Dodgy is... I've told no one, but I feel... We must have known each other once. I don't know under what circumstances, but I don't feel any instinctive dislike for him. I feel the same as I do for any Anunnaki or sympathetic Igigi or innocent human -pity. Though obviously Dodgy is an enemy, and I have to treat him as such.

S/he was in really bad shape when Candle dropped him off. I hardly needed Jet's help to get him into a cage, though we did break all the bones in his hands so he couldn't pick the locks or anything once we untied him. Still, s/he's almost starved to death. Gotta nurse him... her back to health before we can begin any physical work.

Look, this gender thing is confusing. Just understand when I say him, he's currently in a woman's body, or well a girl. I don't think she was older than fifteen or sixteen.... and he ate her soul. That's sick. That's what Igigi do, not Anunnaki. So black mark against him so far as I'm concerned. >:[

Though there's this niggling little current of pity whenever I look at him.

And he's so obnoxious! o__O I've been feeding him broth and my own energy to help him recover from his near death by starvation. I mean, some of the siblings have suggested I should make him crawl across the floor and slurp from the bowl like a dog, but he's not even strong enough for that, so they can STFU. Still, if he keeps flirting with me, he's going to have to learn to feed himself with his feet because I will heal his fingers all wrong.


  1. No biggie. I can deal with a broken nose.

  2. Holy Hell! That's awesome! Not the obnoxious flirting of course... but the fact that you have Dodgy there.

    All the same, while I'm sure that you well know what you're doing in this situation, be careful around him

  3. OK, but you know where to find me now... at least until we move again. Don't be a stranger, brother. I don't mind fixing you up.

    Wolfie! I know! I'm shocked as hell. I mean, if not for his condition, I doubt Candle could have taken him (no offense brother). And don't worry. We're getting one of those full body thingamajiggers like from Hannibal to strap him in. Between his broken hands and that, he shouldn't be too much trouble, especially since I'll be torturing him when he's feeling better.

  4. Just had to say that the term "full body thingamajigger" made me laugh

  5. heheheh :D So it turns out what they brought me is just a handcart. lol I always thought it was some kind of harness/bed in the movie, but it's been a while since I've seen it. So maybe I was wrong.