Saturday, September 10, 2011

Father will hear...

I am so mad... soso furious.

Inquisitor needs to get rid of that darkling NOW. That thing needs to die. I- I'll tell father if he doesn't.

Melissa is hurt. She may never speak again. I'm keeping her in our apartment. She is NOT going back to her cage.

Mr Creepy doesn't seem to want to escape, since he had every opportunity to do so when he got Melissa to let him out. Instead, he made her get a piece of broken metal from somewhere and cut open her own throat, completely destroying her larynx. Her clothes were neatly folded and placed a few feet away, spotless.

When he was sure she couldn't scream, he made her mutilate herself. She was very nearly dead when I came down with her breakfast, and he.... He was standing over her, hands on his knees, grinning as he watched her gut herself.

When he heard the tray drop, he sauntered back to his cage and pulled it shut behind him. He cackled as I rushed to where Melissa lay and threw himself into his chair to watch as I tried to keep her alive. The damage was extensive, not like when we torture. His intent had been to cause as much damage as possible in addition to pain.

I felt him then, psychically leaning over us, feeding on her pain and terror, my frustration and fury. No wonder Inquisitor never had me bring any food for his "pet." The thing is an energy vampire. It feeds on emotion with a preference for the negative. Anytime we had a torture session, he was probably glutting himself. Lisa had probably been an all you can eat buffet for him. Even my rage as I dragged Melissa to the door and pulled her into the stairwell was a treat for him.

I called for help, and Jet helped me carry her up after I swore I'd take any punishment Inquisitor decided to dish out. Well, I don't care. I'm right, and he's wrong, and Father will not be happy about him keeping a darkling and letting it feed on his children.

I've only just managed to stabilize Melissa, but there's not much left of her larynx. And the edges of the wound are seared. He burned her, like he did the others, but kept her alive to dine at his leisure. Maybe he developed a taste for her over the last few weeks. I don't think I'll be able to reconstruct her voice box. Her other injuries require more attention and by the time I get to it... It may already have begun to heal.

I'm just resting and... and purging some of this rage by writing this. I don't want to feed that Thing anything else. I have no idea how far it can reach, but if some of the more recent petty quarrels are any indication, it's been feeding on all of...

Pounding on the door. I think Inquisitor is back. I'll be back later.


  1. I hope you're alright Ty. I must say, it seems... insanely counterproductive (to put it mildly) to keep something like that so close... Hopefully the others will catch on and Inquisitor will be forced to get rid of it or at least keep it elsewhere

  2. I'm good! I'm great! :D I told Inquisitor off. hehe Everyone knew I was right, and he was wrong, and there wasn't anything he could do that wouldn't make him look even worse than he already did.