Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do unto others

It wasn't easy. There was a whole list of questions we had to ask the twins, about themselves and each other. We had to play them off one another, ferret out secret jealousies and resentments, offer to harm one or reward the other. Even then, we had to find out which twin had that certain sense of entitlement... that arrogance that is particular to the Igigi.

Turns out our twins were born conjoined. That means the Igigi twin tried to EAT the Anunnaki twin in the womb. That's what they do, you know? They hate us that much. They're worse than the darklings. They want to eat us and spit us back out and turn us into slaves.

We put the girls in separate cages facing each other across the hall. We could have just killed the Igigi twin or hollowed her and given her to our new sister as a servant, but Inquisitor had a better idea since they'd been conjoined. He said we could use that to break our Anunnaki sister of her sham-life and wake her up.

We put a blanket over Lisa's cage, hiding her from Melissa's view. We took Melissa out of her cage for her "sessions," but never let her see Lisa. And Lisa never spoke to her after we put her away behind the curtain; we made sure of that first thing. So far as Melissa knew, her sister was not being tortured and might not even have been in the cage any more.

We took very good care of Melissa though. She ate better than any other Chosen, ever. I made her homemade soup and steak and roast... In two weeks, she actually gained weight, despite being tortured every day. I healed her of the worst of it, but people usually lose weight in the cages, not gain it. It's psychological. By the time we were ready to reunited the sisters, Melissa was well on her way to having this life stripped away. It helped that she was convinced that Lisa was dead and that we were only trying to fool her by keeping the blanket up.

Melissa was violently sick when we finally took down the blanket. I can't blame her. Cannibalism is darn gross. You can get all kinds of diseases from it too. There wasn't much left of Lisa, but she was still alive. Inquisitor took Melissa out of her cage, put a gun in her hand, and told her to kill Lisa.

Oh, you could see the hate in Lisa's eyes, and she only looked at Melissa, not myself or Inquisitor. Melissa might have been dragging her feet in the memory department, but it looked like Lisa knew who her enemy was. There wasn't much left of her face. We'd had to cut her larynx so she wouldn't call to Melissa and remove her teeth and lips so she couldn't make any other sounds. Most people would have died a long time ago from all the flesh she'd lost, but Inquisitor had me healing her with every cut we made so she lived even when she was little more than a torso. Inquisitor put the barrel against Lisa's head, and helped Melissa pull the trigger.

I'm glad Lisa's gone. Feeding her and healing her were too big chores I'm glad I don't have to do any more. She was so light, I carried her body upstairs all by myself. There's enough of her left to make soup for Melissa, not that she's really aware of what's going on any more. I think she was pretty much gone as soon as the gun fired. No it's time to rebuild her from the ground up... see if we can drag any memories out of her of who she used to be.


  1. ...You are the sickest, lowliest, most disgusting human being...I-I don't even know what to say to this.

    You act like this is normal! JUST ANOTHER DAY ON THE DAMN JOB HUH? But this is...Not even psychopaths do this.

    You think I'm supposed to sympathize with this!? You think this gives me a point of view that helps me to understand you and your twisted up logic.

    I actually threw up after reading this. Granted I'm already pretty sick as it is, but this is the kind of thing that's going to be haunting me when your daddy shows up to gut me for existing.

    I don't think I'm going to be eating for a while now, thank you.

  2. To be fair, this was Inquisitor's idea, not mine. I was only in charge of execution. And if you've read up to this point, then you know arguing with Inquisitor is NOT an option. Had it been me, I would have hollowed Lisa and let Melissa keep her. But Inquisitor is a "creative genius," which also explains his rages. :\

  3. HA! Well at least you felt conflicted. That just makes this all peachy keen doesn't it. You're not at all to blame, just an innocent bystander.

  4. I did not feel conflicted, if you must know.

    1) Lisa was a horrible person. She was morbidly jealous of her sister _in this life_ and made her miserable. If you want me to go into detail, just ask. (Reborn Igigi routinely torture Anunnaki, even if neither party knows the reason why. We instinctively hate each other. I'm thinking you are probably NOT Anunnaki.)

    2) Lisa's dead, but her spirit is still around and will eventually be reborn. At which time if we've won, she can have a better life with more potential than this one.

    3) If she had lived, she might have fought against us in the coming conflict. So one less enemy is a good thing, though I still think she would have served us better as a hollow.

    4) My complaint was more about the work involved. The amount of healing required to keep someone in that condition alive is physically draining. Not to mention preparing the meat for Melissa. I'm not big on the domestic stuff.

  5. I wasn't talking about Lisa.

    Sick, sick, sick,

    The fact that you're trying to rationalize this makes me want to throw up all over again.