Saturday, August 6, 2011

A caged monster is still dangerous

Another prisoner dead. She was only in our custody for a few hours before she picked the lock of her cage and got out. And then she made the mistake of trying to free the creepy guy, or maybe he lured her somehow, asked her for help. I don't know. But she's dead. We found her crouched in front of his cage. She'd fallen forward in death, but the cage kept her balanced on her knees so she looked like she was praying. She was in worse condition than the kid.

I won't go into details.

I hope Inquisitor gets rid of this guy soon. That's two Chosen who won't be around to help Father when the time comes. That should be more important that whatever relationship Inquisitor had with this... this freak.

Guess who had to get rid of the body again though. :<  She was bigger than the kid. One of the guys helped me get her up to the bathtub I used for the kid, but he didn't stick around to help me... jerkface. Let's just say I've gone through a lot of professional strength liquid plumber lately.

Ughs, I want this guy to go away. He tries to talk to me now when I pass his cage. Just "Hi" and "Watchadoin'" like he's talking to a five year old. I can ignore that, but when he just chuckles at me, that's when the muscles of my neck bunch up. I know what the phrase "hair standing on end" means now.

Creepycreepycreepy go awaygoaway!

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