Thursday, August 11, 2011

Liger, Whistler, and Me

I'm so glad Whistler is back with us! I missed her a lot. She's like... a hard as nails granny who dresses like a desperado complete with two antique mother-of-pearl-handled six shooters, and her mask is like a mashup of tragedy and comedy, split down the middle. People who see her must think she's on her way to star in a play. She can shoot a hole in a quarter tossed in the air; I have one that I keep in my pocket. She makes her own bullets, rolls her own cigarettes, and plays a mean harmonica. She's the coolest person I know. She used to sing and dance in an old West traveling show and met Annie Oakley once. :3

Whistler doesn't whistle though. She takes her name from her bullets slicing through the air (she says). Someone else told me she used to whistle though. The one she used to whistled tunes for died, and she hasn't found him again. :(

I get the feeling that Liger and Whistler don't really like each other sometimes, and I know she and Inquisitor don't like each other, though I don't think Inquisitor really likes anyone. Whistler was the one who first took care of me when I was newly Chosen. I had to go through the trials same as everyone else. She was the one who recognized my talents were full blown, even if I couldn't remember whoever I'd been. She taught me how to heal myself while I was still caged, among other things, and argued for my release so "my talents wouldn't be ruined." Then Liger happened to see me too and went right to Inquisitor to demand I be released into his custody.

To be honest, I was terrified of Liger at first. You know... after what happened when Father saved me. And having Whistler and Liger fight over me didn't help, but Liger's never ever done anything to make me think he might take advantage of me, and really he's like the big brother I never had. No one messes with Liger. So aside from keeping an eye on me to make sure I don't wander off, everyone mostly ignores me just to stay on his good side. Except for Inquisitor who says everyone must have a job, no exceptions.

Sometimes I wish Whistler and Liger hadn't gotten me out of the cage. I never get to do anything or go anywhere. Some Anunnaki don't trust me because Inquisitor didn't "finish" his work with me... as if I'd ever want to leave the Family. At least people here appreciate what I can do, and with everything I've learned about our history, I really don't think there's any other place I'd rather be. I like to think my tiny contribution will make our victory possible. There would be no ocean without all the drops of water that come together form it, right?

I'm glad Whistler's here. She's the one who usually teaches me new things and tells me about our past. If anyone knows about Darklings, it's her.

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