Monday, October 3, 2011


Liger is in a cage, and he sits there and waits patiently for his punishment to continue, staring death at Dodgy whenever he would open his mouth. Up until a few minutes ago, Dodgy took great delight in calling me Ty, and I could see Liger clenching his fists, hear his knuckles popping despite the cuts whenever he did. I think Dodgy did it just because he KNEW it bothered Liger (and me).

If Dodgy dies, he's free to find another body. He knows it, Liger knows it, but Liger doesn't care. Whatever harm Dodgy did him whenever and a day ago, Liger hasn't forgotten.

This is horrible.

I'm... half tempted to have Delphi and Jet work on Liger, but I know they wouldn't do it right. They'd cut too deep, and I'm not trying to filet him.

I'm to take the skin off his hands, all in one piece if I can. Flensing hands is delicate work. That's the punishment Mercury was sent from whoever decides these things when Father is busy.

At least he's not going to be hollowed or killed... Apparently Father's too busy to come even for Dodgy, let alone Liger. And Liger is... has always been so very loyal.

I started and had to stop. I told Jet to gag Dodgy. He was mocking Liger and egging me on. I stopped again; there was "something" in my eye. Liger just sat there, silent and motionless, waiting for me to continue. He didn't even flinch under my blade or have to be restrained, just watched me calmly like... he expected I wouldn't hurt him or what I was doing didn't hurt at all. And I know damn well it does. Inquisitor was fond of hands.

When I stopped again, Liger said, "Shhhhhh" very softly under his breath, and "Go on..."

Dodgy was giggling. I told Delphi and Jet to cut out his tongue... and cauterize it so he couldn't try to drown on the blood. Of course they didn't strap his head down properly, and he tried to impale his head on the hot iron when they brought it near his mouth. Stupid noob mistake... but it was my fault. They're not experienced. They couldn't have known to expect a move like that. I had to leave off my work. Jet and Delphi kept his head still while I strapped it down and forced the bit back in his mouth and then wedge it open even more to get the iron in. Thankfully he passed out when I finally managed to burn the stub of his tongue. He doesn't need to be able to speak for me to pick his brain.

We were all covered in blood. I sent Jet and Delphi up to shower and bring me some clean clothes. I can't go anywhere. I'm stuck down here with the prisoners. I can't even clean myself until they get back, and I'm leaving red smears on my keyboard. There's a sink in the workroom. I'll pop back as soon as Delphi and Jet come back... whenever that is.

I'm sleeping in Liger's cage tonight, even if he's been creeping on me for four years. He's the only one who's never let me down and maybe he had a good reason for trying to strangle Dodgy.


  1. ... Well I'm glad Liger wasn't killed. I think he was being so still and calm to make it easier on you and because he understood the consequences of his actions.

    As for Dodgy... I know that the body has the potential to take a lot of abuse before it dies. Even more so with you there to heal it. I recall that you said you were able to remove a lot of flesh from Delphi's twin without killing her. Why not do something similar to Dodgy? Unless you think there is some way to ... reform him, why not take everything he doesn't need to survive. That way you'll still be able to get into his head, but he won't be able to mess with you or Liger through making faces or gestures or anything else.

    Even though Delphi and Jet are new at this, I still highly recommend keeping them there with you as much as possible.

  2. That doesn't make it easier to cut him up. It would actually be easier for me if he was resisting. :/ And don't worry about Delphi and Jet; they're staying down here too. But I have to have somebody to run errands for me since I'm not allow to leave the prisoners.

    That's an idea... maybe when I'm done with Liger, I'll start trimming Dodgy down to size. Though I doubt it will have the same psychological impact on him as Lisa.

    I'm gonna be up all night. I think I can at least get one hand done by dawn...