Thursday, October 6, 2011

Done and Done and still more work to do

I finished with Liger's hands this morning, which meant he no longer had any reason to be in the basement with us. I wasn't told to make him suffer past the skinning; so I healed him... and gave him the skin. I'm not sure what he's meant to do with it, but that at least I was told to do. He stalked past Dodgy's cage, giving him a warning glare, and of course Dodgy couldn't stay quiet, even with no tongue. He chortled, maybe trying to provoke Liger. It worked.

Liger stopped and turned back, moving so quickly I only had time to shout, "No!"

But he didn't do anything. He went up to Dodgy without touching him at all and said something his ear. Then he left without sparing a glance for any of us.

And Dodgy looked kind of confused and looked at me funny. He's been staring at me ever since, and it's getting annoying.

I have no idea what Liger would have said to confound Dodgy so much, but he's been very docile all morning. Of course, I cut all the tendons in his arms and legs the other day so he hasn't got much fight left in him at all. I thought about it and whittling him away like I did with Lisa might not please Father. I can fix his tendons later. Father would probably want him with a bit of fight left in him. It's a lot of work, but doable. Taking his arms and legs off completely wouldn't have left much to work with.

His mind is a muddle of confused memories, and I get a headache every time I go in and try to make sense of any of it. How can he have a thousand year's worth of memories in his head and then just this big blank wall of nothing. I don't think he's even aware that parts of his mind have been... removed. I think whatever Liger said, he jarred something loose though. Dodgy's thoughts are all itchy now, like he's trying to remember something and that wall of nothing is trying to eat his turmoil. Like it's alive and aware, and its purpose is keeping Dodgy complacent. I've never seen anything like it. It makes me sick anytime I brush up against it.

Bleh... I'll be glad when he's gone. I heard Father beat the shit out of Dodgy's master. So maybe that's why he hasn't come to collect the small fry yet.

In other news, Seraphina's becoming more and more withdrawn, but Heri's out of his cage. :) Heri's keeping the name, and it suits him. His life in Egypt is easily his strongest, though he's remembered bits and pieces of other lives now, mashed them together to see the common threads, people he's known... He claims he had a portion of the Mother's soul in his care until she was murdered... a student of his when he was quite old and teaching young scribes their trade. There have always been rumors about bits of her soul surviving, even after what Merodach did, but usually by the time we get to investigate, she or he's been murdered by the Assassin.

Father will want to hear about Heri's memories.


  1. I'm glad Liger's punishment is over. That should make things easier on you in a number of ways.

    Also, Heri's Egyptian life sounds fascinating

  2. I know, right? I'm so jealous. I wish I could remember ANY of my past lives. :(

  3. Do you think it's possible that you might someday?

    Either way, if it makes you feel any better, I like who you are in this life right now

  4. Aw :D Thank you!

    I hope I will though. I mean, I have these talents but I'm barely trained. If I could remember my past lives, I'd also know how to use my gifts better without waiting on people with similar gifts to teach me.

    And even if I did remember any past lives, it would only change who I am slightly. It would just be a new layer. This life is obviously too strong or something, so I doubt I'd change that much.