Sunday, October 2, 2011

making conversation

I wish Blogger had a private posting function. So far I haven't gotten into any trouble for having this blog, but... sometimes I'm not sure if I'm doing the right things, like if I'm making the right choices. I wish I could just make this post visible to my friends only and they could give me feedback without me worrying someone else might see. It's hard being in charge of breaking people and having no one to tell me if I'm doing it right or majorly screwing up.

Dodgy kept up a running dialogue all night... Even telling me at one point that he liked my humming. (I didn't know I *was* humming!) As I was finishing up with my... whittling? sketching? Whatever it might be called, Dodgy asked if he could see my work.

That stymied me, since there was no way to do it without untying him, but there were mirrors in the workroom (since letting people see the damage is sometimes worse than the actual torture). So I wheeled him in there and set up some mirrors to reflect the images until he could see them. He gushed over them and said it was too bad he'd be leaving the body, and my sketches, behind at some point.

I must have scowled because then he wanted to know what was wrong, and I blurted out about how only Igigi and darklings are sick cannibal parasites who steal other people's bodies and eat them up from the inside out. Then he asked uncomfortable questions about Father and people who are Hollowed, laughing when I said that Father only eats bad people. And Hollowed just have their memories wiped and a new personality implanted so they can start over and have a chance to do better.

He asked my name and kept asking till I said, "Ty." That amused him because apparently it wasn't as descriptive or in his words as "flowery" as he'd expected. He told me I deserved a prettier name. >:| Then he asked how old I was and pretended shock when I said 18. "Aren't you too old to believe these fairytales?" he asked.

I punched him in the kidneys and put away the mirrors, wheeling him back out to his cage where I ignored him until dawn and Jet and Delphi came down with some breakfast for me. Then we wheeled him back to the workroom to start the day's session. Jet noticed the pictures I'd drawn up to Dodgy's knees first. Both of them were pretty impressed and couldn't understand why I was so grumpy. So I'm sorry for that if you guys ever find my blog. Dodgy didn't say a word the entire session, which was unusual, but maybe he was tired from being up all night.


  1. Aw Ty, I'm sorry that didn't work out the way we'd hoped... I must say, I'm really concerned about his quiet moments... it really seems like he's up to something... Would you or Mercury be able to tell if he had made contact in the recent past? Like a psychic version of an internet cookie?

    Aside from that... I'd say he knows that he's getting to you... Maybe you could get another sibling to stay down there with you too?

    Perhaps it might be easier if you, Jet and Delphi all camped out there for a while. At least then you could back each other up and it won't be so easy for him to use his tactics

  2. It's OK. I just should have kept my mouth shut and not given in when he asked to see his legs.

    I've been in his head a couple time now, not deeply but enough to tell he's not gifted that way. Besides, he was trapped in a basement for almost a week when he could have called his master and blogged instead, asking him to come save him.

    His mind is very disordered... like someone went in and stirred everything together and made a big mess. It's a wonder he doesn't sit and drool. Maybe it's a side effect of eating so many souls...

    I did talk to Jet and Delphi and they will be staying with me from now on... just in case someone breaks in. You know, so Jet can run for help or Delphi can call. Not because I'm scared of Dodgy or anything like some might think. ;)

    Thanks for being my friend, Wolfie.

  3. No problem Ty. I'm glad to be your friend and happy that you are mine