Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Recruit

They brought a new recruit in today and I have to help break them. I hate it, even it's necessary. Liger says it's my duty. He'll stand up to just about anyone who tries to bully me, but when it comes to doing my duty I just gotta suck it up and deal. o.O

Not happy about it, but at least it's something I can do that's useful.

It's like this... once upon a time there was a horrible war and everybody on our side, and more than a few on their side, died. All except our Father who *ALMOST* died. He's been working very, VERY hard ever since to restore our memories because when the Igigi defeated us, they stuck us in bodies of their own making and then erased our memories!

And unfortunately the only way to come close to those memories that's been even halfway successful involves mindgames and torture. I'm really very good at the first. It's the second one I really, really hate. I still remember when I first joined the family and the months and months and months of horror and I STILL can't remember who I was. I mean, at least I didn't go crazy like some, but it totally sucks because I want to remember so bad. I know me and Liger must have known each other because Anunnaki and Igigi will kind of know each other on sight, especially if they were close. And I Liger and I must have been very, very close for him to ONLY talk to me.


Liger's giving me a look to stop playing with my blog and go do my job. :( I gotta go.

Bye for now. <3

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