Tuesday, June 21, 2011

in which I introduce myself and tell you about the Family

Hello everyone! I'm Tigercub :) You can call my Ty or Cubby. This is my blog. I'm going to talk about lots of things you probably don't know about here, but I hope I can make you believe me! It's very important that you do!

<--That's a Liger!

Me and my family move around a LOT. We're always busy. Sometimes my brothers and sisters don't have time for me, and Father is almost always away, but I have Liger to take care of me. So it's not so bad. He's my big brother, and he makes sure no one is mean to me. I have a really big family, and some I've never even met! A lot of times when Father takes us into his family, my new brothers and sisters go mad and then they can be very dangerous and hurt themselves or other Siblings. Some of my Siblings think Liger is mad, but he's not. He just doesn't like to talk to them because they're so selfish and care more about being important to Father than doing their jobs right.

I try to do my job and learn as much about everything as anyone will teach me. Even if I can't remember ANY of my past lives like some of my older Siblings, I can do a lot of things they can't. No one knows who I was, but I've heard them whispering that I must have been a general! o.O I don't know about that! I don't feel important. I just want to learn and do my job well and help Father.

That's why Liger talks to me and no one else. He says I may have forgotten who I am, but not my duty. :D He makes me so happy when he says stuff like that! No one else says nice stuff to me. And a lot of times they're jealous. That makes me sad. I didn't ask to have all this power. I am trying to do what I am supposed to; so when the Igigi come back, we can save humanity. I don't know why the others should be jealous of me for that. We're all trying to do the same thing, right?


  1. You do realize the guy you just called your father has destroyed hundreds of innocent peoples' lives right? A majority of which were little children.

    Isn't that the sort of thing humanity should be saved from?

  2. Innocent... sometimes because it was all that could be done. But I promise, most of the people he's killed did terrible things in another lifetime. And it's not as if it's permanent.

    Once we defeat the one you call "God," the ones Father has killed will be forgiven and allowed to be reborn again. It's just that if they're allowed to live now, the final battle would be that much harder to win. And that can't be allowed.

  3. Do you think God is just an old guy sitting up in a cloud somewhere? He's an essence that has existed since way before your creation myth.

  4. >:[ No... your god is a monster begat by a murdering rapist who then proceeded to rape mother Tiamat as she lay dying in order to make these gross bodies that our souls are trapped in. Maybe you should go back and read the Enuma Elish again. The one you call god appointed himself to the office after he murdered everybody worthy of the title. I mean, even in the Christian Bible it talks about GODS, not one God over all.

    Father was just lucky to survive what Ea did to him. You don't think he always looked like he does, do you? The only reason he hasn't used his energies to reform his body better is because he is fighting for our freedom.

    I'm sorry... I got angry... but you read the Enuma Elish. It's all there if you cut out the propaganda. Your god came in in the middle of the story, not the beginning, and he just... he did terrible things. If you knew, you wouldn't judge Father so harshly. If he's a monster, it's because he was forced to become one to fight an even bigger one.

  5. That's not a God you're talking about, that's a myth. There is a rather large difference.

    A myth is created by people, who if you haven't noticed, tend to get things wrong every now and again.

    I honestly do not believe anything that managed to create existence as we know it,and has a greater comprehension of everything than anyone else on earth, could be defeated by you and Mr. Kittykins.

    You don't have any idea who my God is. But I can tell you he's not going to fit inside your little Enuma Elish box, and he doesn't have anything to do with with Mr. Tall and Slender.

    You are seriously confused.

  6. When you have met some of the people who were there and heard the story from them, then you can decide who is confused.

    I told you to read the Enuma Elish because it records the events and names the names. I didn't say it did it well, but it's something anyone can find and read.

    And if your god is the Abrahamic one, then I know very well who he is.

  7. I consider myself agnostic thank you very much. And God is what you make of him. I for one find him a great deal bigger than a grotesque fairy tale, and a false motive for a psycho killer.

    Besides, I'm arguing this with someone who follows a killer, has questionable sanity, and justifies terrible deeds because of something that supposedly happened a few thousand years ago.

    I'm not going to be convincing you anytime soon, but that's likewise for me.

    And if you know you're right why bother arguing with me?

    The only reason I'm doing it is because there has to be some part of you that's still human.

  8. My sanity is doing quite well, thank you. :( And you are hurtful. I'd bet you haven't even read anything else I've written here.

    I am not arguing for you to admit I'm right. I'm trying to show you that if you look at it from our point of view, we are fighting a war... for you. We are trying to save you... and everyone else. There are always different ways to look at something. I understand why you think the way you do, but I am trying to show you our perspective.

    We are all victims here, but we are trying to make things better. The world wasn't always the way it is now, and we weren't always the way we are now.

    Unfortunately, things will get worse before they get better.

  9. I don't believe a person who nails a cat to a wall just to spite me is looking out for my greater good.

  10. Maybe they've just taken a personal dislike to you then.